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Things to Know for a Great Summer at Camp Flips


  • Structured gymnastics and open time in the gym

  • sports, activities and games

  • Educational games and activities

  • Weekly themes and lesson plans

  • Art activities, crafts and science experiments

  • Field trips

  • Water slides, water balloons, pools and sprinklers

  • Fun, Fun, Fun!  


  • lunch every day (morning and afternoon snack provided by flips)

  • Large zip lock bag for wet items

  • Tennis shoes and water shoes

  • Swim suit, towel and sunscreen

  • Extra pair of clothes

  • Pillow or blanket for movie (if desired)

All items must be labeled.                    


Camp check in is located in the camp room (to the right as you enter Flips).  There will be a coach available from 8:00am-9:00am to help you sign in, complete paperwork and get your child(ren) settled in.  If you drop off later than 9:00am, please come to the front desk for assistance.  

Before care is available from 7:30am-8:00am (free of charge).  


All campers will be in the camp room for pick up between 4:45pm-5:00pm.  A camp coach will be available to help sign out you child(ren), you may be asked to show your ID.  If someone other than the person listed on the sign in form is going to pick up, please call the front desk to update the coaches.  If you pick up before 4:45pm our campers will be in an activity.  There will be a sign by the camp room door addressing where they are, if you have any questions please check with the front desk staff.

After care is available from 5:00pm-5:30pm (free of charge).  Any campers picked up after 5:30pm will be at the front desk, with a quiet activity.  There is a late fee charge - $5.00 for every 10 minutes late.


Please have child dressed for activity.  All attire should be easy to move in during daily activities: gymnastics, group games, outside play, craft time and open play.

A few reminders:

  • No jewelry

  • If you child wears a dress make sure there are shorts worn underneath

  • Proper shoes for walking running and kicking for outside play (heels are not permitted)

  • Flip flops are great for water but not for walking

  • Apply sunscreen before your child arrives because some mornings will include an outside activity.

  • Bring swim suit, towel and sunscreen everyday


Does your son or daughter has class during camp?  There will be a practice/class time sheet to fill out by the check in sheet.  Make sure you fill this our every day they have a practice or class.  This helps the camp coaches to prepare the camper for their practice/class. 


Flips refrigerator is not available for Camp Flips lunches.  Pack lunches keeping this in mind.  Our campers get very hungry during lunch time, pack plenty of food to keep their energy up.

A morning and afternoon snack is provided by Flips.  Snacks may include: yogurt, goldfish crackers, chips, animal crackers, cereal, cereal bars, popcorn, cheese and crackers, fruit snacks and fruit.  Coaches pick out the snack each day and offer 2 different choices.  Snack Choices rotate each day in no particular order.  

If your child has a special diet, please send snack with them from home.


Flips has a vending machine, but we limit the kids to only one thing a day and only during lunch time.  If you are relying on the vending machine to supplement lunch make sure you tell the coach during check in.  She/he will help them get their selections.

We do not allow kids to buy soda, but can purchase juice or water.


Spending Money - When Carol sends out field trip information she will include how much spending money is appropriate to bring.  This is for extra things that a child may want to do or have that is not covered by Flips.  This includes arcades, snack bars, gift shops and treats.  Spending money is not mandatory.

There are also some field trips where the campers are not allowed to bring spending money due to the activity, schedule or expense of trip.

Lunches - Place name on your child's bag or box lunch.  Freeze yogurt or drinks so they are still cold for lunch.


Are not allowed.  If your child(ren) does bring them to camp we will ask that they be kept in their backpacks.


Please keep toys from home at home.  We have had incidents in the past where toys have gotten misplaced or traded.  If you have any requests/suggestions of games, activities during quiet times please update