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School Age Summer Class Schedule


Kinderflips through High School
Each level has a planned progression of skills. Students will movie to the next level once they have mastered those skills.
Students practice vault, bars, beam, floor and trampoline, along with stretching and conditioning exercises.


Registration Opens March 11

June 10th - August 15th

Closed July 4th for Holiday

Students registered for the summer session are enrolled for the full 10-weeks.   Price listed is for the entire 10-week session. Students registered after the start of the 10-weeks will be pro-rated for the remainder classes in attendance.  Unlimited make-up classes (not available for Tumble for Dance & High-School classes)


Flips requires a 1 week notice PRIOR to the start of the 10-week session (June 5th). If a 1 week notice is not given, parents are responsible for tuition that accrues and the charge card on file will be charged. 



Beginner girls in kindergarten

Flips 1:

Beginner girls 1st grade and up

Flips 2:

For girls mastering skills in Flips 1

Flips 10+:

For girls beginner/intermediate 10 years and older

Flips 3:

For girls who have mastered skills in Flips 2

Flips 4:

For girls who have mastered skills in Flips 3

High School:

For girls on a high school JV or Varsity team

Tumble for Dance:

For boys and girls 5+ who wish to learn gymnastics skills to enhance their dance