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Camp Flips Weekly Themes

Week 1

Say "Aloha" to the school year as we embrace summer with Sand Art, Beach Ball Kickball, Limbo contests, Slip n Slides, and Lawn Games.

Camp Flips Summer Aloha Theme

Week 2

Ants on a log, dead ant tag, and dirt cups for dessert. Do not wake the bumble bees or mess with a gardener’s vegetables as we explore nature around us.

Camp Flips Summer Bugs Galore Theme

Week 3

Wear your red, white, and blue all week. Travel through the decades as we explore the 50s - 80’s with Hula hoop contests, dance-offs, create pet rocks and beaded necklaces, and have a Twister tournament.

Camp Flips Summer Celebrate America Theme

Week 4

Join the fun as we plan to get messy with goop, get creative with tie-dye, and get crazy with shaving cream hairstyles. 

Camp Flips Summer Oopy Goopy Theme

Week 5

Water balloon games, have 3 legged races, play some tag, and enjoy some summer games. 

Camp Flips Summer Sizzle Theme

Week 6

Campers bond by solving mysteries of the human knot and will build Gotham City marshmallow towers. Travel through the landmines obstacle course as you discover your Superhero status through competitions between groups.

Camp Flips Summer Quick Like a Ninja Theme

Week 7

We will make farm animal crafts this week, play tag, wear animal masks, and learn about farms.    

Camp Flips Summer Down on the Farm Theme

Week 8

Come dressed in your favorite summer sports attire this week. We will create sports pennants, decorate our own baseball hats. We will play kickball and volleyball at the park. 

Camp Flips Summer Sports Week Theme

Week 9

Join in our celebration by hitting the piñata, playing fiesta inspired games, dancing to the Macarena, show your creativity with recycled materials in the thingamajig competition, and have fun at our talent show!

Camp Flips Summer Fiesta Theme

Week 10

Wet fun for all as we enjoy frozen treats, crab walk races, octopus tag, jellyfish jumps, treasure hunts, sand art, and water balloon wars.

Camp Flips Summer Under the Sea Theme

Week 11

We will enjoy all our favorite things from the summer, games, activities, and crafts.

Camp Flips Summer Rewind Theme